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Recent and upcoming Seminars

  Complete listing of previous seminars

Next term (Spring of 2015) classes set!


 Pivotal Moments in American History -
    Mondays at noon, WIT
   (L304 Eight biweekly sessions)


FDR and the American Dream (2 sessions)


Iowans in the American Civil War (2 sessions)
  Second part of earlier session, this will cover
  the battles and events of 1863-1865 and
  Iowa's contributions.

Upcoming seminars and multi-media classes


The Cold War - Mondays at noon, WIT
   (L304 Eight biweekly sessions)


The U.S. House of Representatives -
   - The Rise: Founding Fathers to Civil War Nov 6
   - The Fall: The Gilded Age to Gilding the Lilly Nov 13
(L416 - Thursdays two sessions 6:30 to 8:30 PM)  

Previous Multimedia Seminar Samples


'The 60's told via Rock n' Roll: 1963 - 1975


Boomer Classics

Click to hear audio interview!   


Mass Media and Big Government  (promo) 


Spies! (overview) 


Sample Clips from numerous publications


Newest addition! Using Microsoft Access
   to Create Custom Reports from Infinite Campus!


              (Users Manual from the Training)

Example of Microsoft Access to Create Form-Driven
  Custom Reports - allows users to input parameters







Using SSRS to Create Custom Reports (and Student Tabs)  within Infinite Campus!

Read the book!

"Spectacular Voyage: Following Lewis & Clark in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota", by Russ Gifford, 2002.
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Past Seminars

Training Manuals for SQL / SSRS Reporting / Microsoft Access

Business Applications Developer

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office classes (Excel, Word, Access)

Freelance Writer:

Yes, at one time I wrote a regular column for The GENERAL. And What's Happening! And published hundreds of articles in The Weekender.





Complete listing of previous seminars


Developer/Producer of Interactive CD-Roms:
(These are multi-media extravaganzas with graphics, audio and video.)

Delivering Interactive WebEx Programs

Learning SPI's GBACW® system
12 sessions

Learning the Advanced Squad Leader® Game system!
12 sessions

Disc 1 - the Basics
Disc 2 - Fire Lanes and SW
Disc 3 - Guns and Tanks!