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My Spring series of Lifelong Learning classes begin in March! 

We start with this look at the 

Native Americans of the Northwest

300 CE - 1800 CE

The story of the Native cultures of the American Northwest is unlike all the others on the North American continent. The vastly different environment, with abundant food from the sea and the rivers and rich woodlands and animal life to the South and East, created a unique native culture. While the terrain offered plenty of food sources, travel was difficult delaying regular contact between Northwestern tribes and European settlers nearly 300 years after Columbus first came to North America. Much had changed for both in that time. The results would be far different in this story of contact and interaction with these groups.

Join Russ Gifford to see what the cultural life was like for natives in the Northwest, and how contact and conflict played out in this last frontier.

March 18, Noon -- at the Cargill Auditorium, WITCC, Sioux City, Iowa.

March 18, 6:30 PM - via Zoom.

Visitors are welcome - send me an email for details on joining via Zoom - or watching the recorded replays. 

Though the College website is having trouble with online signups, you can register now by phone.

Call  (712) 274-6404 to sign up for the classes – and to get on the list for the catalog!

       “His ratings were the highest for our entire season of 12 workshops, and far eclipsed those for the previous season. He created a fantastic class, and people left feeling empowered.”

-- Dr. Lynn Barteck, Tri State Graduate Center

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