Jackson at the Crossroads - "Cross Keys and Port Republic"

Great Battles of the American Civil War, Volume 5. (June 8-9, 1862)

Two part single map game, Jackson at the Crossroads was designed by Joseph Reiser and developed by Bruce Maxwell. The game has two scenarios to cover two battles, Cross Keys and Port Republic. These were fought on two successive days in June, 1862.

This game is the oddity in the GBACW system. The scale is 210 yards per hex, and each game turn is 45 minutes. So Rifles fire only 3 hexes (2x, 1x, .5x), etc. Thus the distances of Divisional Radius and Brigade Integrity may look different, as well. Or not.

While the Battle of Corinth certainly feels like any of the other GBACW games, and the map to JATC is beautiful, there is something suspect when a system that is 'stretched' like this. So Jackson at the Crossroads gets less notice than any other GBACW system game prior to Pleasant Hill. Published the summer prior to SPI's fall, and the comparative jump in price ($25 for the two games, when TSS with one more map and lots more counters only brought $27) Jackson at the Crossroads and Corinth are harder to find than any other GBACW/TSS system game. With Berg's subsequent reorganization, they have never again been in print since their bow in 1981.

Here are a few pictures from Jackson at the Crossroads, for people who'd like an idea of 'what's inside the box.' 

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Map, Left

Map, from right

Looking over the Crossroads map

Ah, Redmond Simonsen had such skill. I wish he'd done the map for TSS 2nd edition before SPI's demise!