Terrible Swift Sword - 1st Edition

The original, and still very close to my heart as 'the best wargame.' It isn't - but without this simulation, none of the rest would have happened. Prior to 1976, you could not conceive of individual regiments, leaders, changing formations and ranged combat. Heck, there is even morale! The American Civil War was not that popular as a wargame theatre, but Richard Berg changed all that with this release. Combining Berg's creation with Redmond Simonsen's wonderful maps,  a monster was born that changed wargaming ever after.

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Original 2 Flat Pack Version

Originally, TSS was packaged in SPI's famous flat pack. It played much better when the March 1977 errata separated the morale from the unit strength.

Terrible Swift Sword, 1977 edition

The game box version of 'the' game.

View from Little Round Top

Map C in the original version of Terrible Swift Sword, just before the push into the Orchard.

Just before battle...

Looking over the Ridge from the Confederate point of view.

Closer view

Overview of Little Round Top, Devil's Den and the Wheatfield

Before SPI tried adding distinct levels for hills, this map was a good as it got. Redmond Simonsen's work was one reason TSS was such a great hit. It was the most beautiful game on the market in 1976.

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