Terrible Swift Sword - 2nd Edition

We are organizing a three day campaign battle of this, the most playable of all the monster games! We are using the TSS 2nd Edition set, as you can see. I'll try to add pictures of each turn so you can join in the excitement as well!


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The Maps

This is the basic setup of the game, with the optional fourth map added to the game. (This map, shown on the right edge above the white area, was part of the Rebel Sabers game, released in 1985.)

TSS, looking west

A closer look at the coming battlefield, this time looking west over the extra fourth map.

Buford vs. Heth

Here it is - the opening faceoff. On the left, Buford's Cavalry (Devin and Gamble's troops in skirmish order). On the right, Heth's two brigades (Davis and Archer) looking for those shoes.

Reynolds and I Corps

Reynolds and part of I Corps, racing down the road to a date with destiny.

The Coming Battle

From Buford's point of view. It is 0840 on July 1, 1863 and you are standing on McPherson's Ridge, and you are looking down the railroad cut.

Heth's Brigades are running wide to stretch the Union cavalry.

Same shot, above Union lines.

Archer is detached to pull Gamble's troops left. Pettigrew and Brockenbrough in the center, and Davis (off the picture edge) is far to the right.

The Union troopers are in skirmish order. (Note the black dot.) Yes, that is Heth standing tall in the center, co-ordinating the battle.

Rowley to the Rescue?

Not hardly - but a nice shot.

Battle is Joined!

Apparently, Buford's troops are finally ready to fight!

Or, maybe not....

Again, Buford withdraws! This time, though, they are running out of space.

I Corps approaching Gettysburg

This simulation gives you the sense of urgency as troops desparately needed now still have another 2 miles to march!

0900, July 1, 1863.

Herr Ridge, the front, at the end of the 0900 turn.

Finally .. contact!

Archer's Brigade, detached, finally makes contact with the skirmish order troops of Gamble's Brigade.

The Battlefield from above.

A nice shot of the unfolding battle.

Heth vs. Buford

Both divisional commanders are near the front, leading their men. That's leadership... but it also invites diaster!

So close...

The skirmish at Willoughby Run was not as fierce as it could have been. Gamble and Devin feared being flanked, and grudgingly gave another 240 yards to the rebels. Behind them, the ridge. And beyond that, Reynolds and I Corps. But how far?

I Corps Arrives!

The Rebels surge forward, with I Corps less than a mile away. "Hold the line," shouts Buford as he charges forward to plug the gap in the center.


Where does the Union draw the line? On McPherson's Ridge - and they do it with Cutler's Brigade falling on Archer as Pettigrew's troops capture Buford's Horse Artillery - as Buford falls.

The Scene

A closer look at the real first battle of the fight that would later be known as Gettysburg. The rebels would not stop. How could they, with III Corps commander A.P. Hill leading the way into an unfinished railroad cut?

Union Reinforcements Streaming toward the Battle!

The overview of the entire field as the 1 and second brigades of the first division of the first corps of the United States top McPherson's Ridge at roughly 10:20 AM, July 1st, 1863. That's Doubleday with 2/3/I in column outside Gettysburg, and Robinson and the Second Division of I Corps to the back.

Cutler Falls!

As the Iron Brigade flanks, the 2nd Brigade of I Corps takes the hit, and Cutler follows Buford's example - a second Union leader down in only a few minutes of the first clash!

Pender Enters the Frey

While the battle rages, as the 2/3/I closes in on McPherson's Ridge, Pender's Division enters the field. It is 1100 on July 1.

The Next Wave

It is a footrace - and 2/3/I will win it - for now. But there are far more Rebels to come.

The Union Draws a Line

With 2/1/I and 1/1/I holding the Union left, Gamble aids Devin's troopers on the right. Though Heth's troops had turned the flank, the pressure on Archer had called Pettegrew to help.

Looking at the Front, 1120

The battle roils on the hilltop. Who's winning? Who knows....

The Longshot

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