Terrible Swift Sword - Night of July 1

Here are the current pictures of the TSS game. It is Union turn, 2400, July 1. (So it is midnight, the start of July 2nd, 1863.)

Hats off to the Union regiments of 2/2/XII. Had the 29th Pa and the 111 Pa not held their toehold at about 2100 on July 1, the Taneytown Road would have fallen to Rebel hands. As it was, their action allowed the 2/2/XII units to come to their aid, counterattack and throw the CSA forces into disarray -- just as Johnson's Division marched onto the scene, and darkness fell.

Had the Rebels gained this road, the game would likely have been over.  Anderson and Johnson's fresh divisions would have been able to march the troops around the Union flanks, and take and hold almost the entire board. Most importantly, they would have prevented the Union reinforcements from rapidly reaching the important part of the battleground in the morning.

So, as midnight arrived, the CSA grabbed their shovels and began digging in to hold their hard-earned territory come the daylight.

Except for the independent troopers of Jenkin's Cavalry that came late to the scene. They decided to probe the Union lines, and found their way to the top of Little Round Top before they decided to camp for the night. 

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The Full View, midnight on the 1st.

The battle for the Taneytown Road cost the Rebels almost 1000 men, and the ridiculous battle near the front of Culp's Hill was largely a few shots by pickets trying to keep everyone honest.

A Closer View of the Major Battle Area

Bird's Eye View, Culp's Hill / Cemetery Hill

Close View of Culp's Hill and main USA Battleground

The ridiculous battle near the front of Culp's Hill was largely a few shots by pickets trying to keep everyone honest. Until Smith's regiment finally broke through and the BCE XI Corps took off. (note the hole in the front line!) Of course, then the Union arty opened up on the rest of the CSA folks that got to close, and sent a brigade packing....

Looking down Taneytown Road

This is the battleline that resulted after the USA first held up, then repulsed the CSA attackers trying to open the Taneytown Road.

The same line, but from the CSA right.

Good shot to see the CSA line and the breastworks being dug.

Arty and Troops heading toward the Peach Orchard

With the Union firmly interdicting the Taneytown road, Johnson ended up countermarching to CSA right, re-investing the front at the Peach Orchard.

The front at the edge of the Peach Orchard

This was a scene of heavy fighting from both sides trying to gain and hold the key defensive terrain. The Union just cracked.

A closer view of the recent battle site, at the edge of the Peach Orchard

This was the scene of a violent fight for control of the peach orchard. The fight went back and forth, but the Rebels recently broke through. The night rules, though, prevent any follow-up (see all the out of command markers.) .

But here comes the rest of III Corps

The 2nd Division of III Corps is marching to the sound of the guns.

But watching the muzzle flashes from the distance...

As midnight falls, the independent regiments of Stuart's Cavalry are setting up camp. Their location on Little Round Top....