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with audio (Flash required)

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ASL Articles:

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ASL 201: Part 2

ASL: Tactical Considerations

Links are below, but please read this first.

Two versions of these are included here - the standard PowerPoint version, (without the audio track) and a Flash version which now includes the audio. LARGE FILES - will likely take time to load!

These are the draft versions of a new CD-ROM training module I am attempting to develop for ASL. Feedback requested. (link)

This training series is designed to get new users playing ASL as soon as possible. It uses graphics and audio to review the very basics of ASL, just as you would if you were teaching someone to play the game.

What that means is - I am not explaining everything to the player. The concept is I am showing them things as I would if I were teaching them to play a scenario, and then adding info as it comes up.

The idea is that I direct you to which rules to read, with the thought that now that they see how it works, when they READ the much more detailed rules, what they are reading makes more sense to them.

Points to remember:

1.  The Audio versions require Flash 7 or above!

2. The audio versions will likely take a few minutes to load and launch.

3. Only the first few sessions are finished so far - there are a few to go. click here

4. The CD-Rom version is full screen.

5. The audio might be best used once - but you can refer to the slides without the audio.

6. Feedback will determine if I finish this project.

If you are interested, I can send a CD-ROM which would include the audio, and the presentation would play on any Microsoft Windows computer system. The CD version is full screen, and does not require PowerPoint or Microsoft Explorer. Drop me an email. Click here.

Interested in reading a few ASL articles about developing strategic and tactical thinking?

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