ASL Training Sessions - available on CD-Rom!

by Russ Gifford

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ASL Articles:

ASL 201: Part 1

ASL 201: Part 2

ASL: Tactical Considerations

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New ASL Training Sessions!

ASL 101 - Learning ASL by Russ Gifford

ASL Session 1: The Sequence of Play

ASL Session 2: Personnel Units

ASL Session 3: Movement

ASL Session 4: LOS

ASL Session 5: Fire Combat (part1)

These are the original sessions, with a bonus session tossed in. All will play full screen, with audio.

New ASL Training Sessions!

ASL 201 - Learning ASL by Russ Gifford

ASL Session 5b: MGs, ROF, Leadership, and Cowering

ASL Session  6: Advancing Fire - Assault Fire - Spraying Fire - Area Fire 

ASL Session  7: Basic Fire Lanes, Part 1

ASL Session  8: More Fire Lanes, Smoke

ASL Session  9a: Firing Mortars (to Hit #)


Guns and AFVs Training Sessions!

ASL 201 - AFVs and Advanced Topics

ASL Session 9b: Firing Guns
(To Hit using Infantry & Area Target Types)

ASL Session 10a: Firing Main Armaments
(To Hit using HE: Infantry Target Types)

ASL Session 10b: To Kill vs Armor
(To Hit/To Kill AFVs with Bazookas)

ASL Session 11: AFVs vs AFVs
(Yes, unearthed after all these years... a new episode!)





(see notes below / on next page for planned additions and time tables)


Good news - these now exist. I'll have the side links updated sometime this week.



A special thanks to all of you who have been asking for more, and to those of you providing feedback.

A very SPECIAL thanks to JP (Jean-Pierre Létourneau) who has been providing detailed feedback to help me clean up the typos, and especially the fact that his questions show which points are not clear!

And a BIG 'Thank You' to Todd Baker, one of my favorite opponents, who has dug into the nits of my slides, making certain I get it 'exactly right' for all of you.

Any errors here are mine, but the fact you haven't seem MORE errors is due to their efforts!

Any feedback or thoughts on these are helpful! Thanks!

         ---Russ Gifford

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