Cedar Mountain - "The Prelude to Bull Run"

Great Battles of the American Civil War, Volume 4. (August 9, 1862)

Like Pea Ridge, Cedar Mountain is one of the best of the small one-map games. Short, sharp and exciting, it has a fast set up and quick pay off. These two games are excellent for beginners to get started into the system. But unlike Pea Ridge, it can take a little more skill to play the Union. So if you have an inexperienced player, give them the Rebs and have a great time! (Want to know more about playing this great game? Order my CD on "Strategy Tips for Playing Cedar Mountain" - or preview a short piece of it from the home page.)

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Union Set up, on the left

Fast setup - this is not necessarily the best one, but one unit per hex around their starting position. Easy to do - but grab the road!

Union Set up, on the right

Similar points as previously, but in this case, make certain you are mounted (unlike this example!!!) and watch the crest issues! Make every movement point count!

End of Confederate Turn 2

Both sides are racing toward a conflict at the wheatfield!

CloseUp: The Union at the end of Turn 2

The Union forces drive toward the hill. Compare their progress to Designer/Developer Eric Lee Smith's suggestions in the example.

Close Up: Early on the Hill

Early's Brigade has made it to the top of the hill just ahead of the Union's leading brigade headed by Crawford. The battle is about to be joined!

CloseUp: Jackson Heading Toward the Fight

Stonewall Jackson and elements of Winder's Division enter on turn two, with Garnett and Taliaferro's brigades racing to reinforce Early's beseiged troopers.

Second Effort

After Crawford was rebuffed on turn three, the Union pushes forward again, as the Cavalry sweeps in the from the Wheatfield.

End of Turn 7

The Union pushes one last time to take all the Victory Point hexes. The previous turn, Bayard's cavalry captured a Confederate battery, but the Rebel counterattack wrecked the Bayard's troops as a fighting force.

Casting the Die

The Union player must attack. If he withdraws, the Confederate will get 56 victory points by holding all the victory hexes to the end of the game. Since the Union only leads by 50, there is no margin of victory at all.

The question is, can he survive the Confederate counterattack?

Drawing the Line

In the center, Geary's 7th Ohio contests the VC hex with the Bedford Napoleon's, while the 29th Ohio pushs the 47th Alabama.

On the left, Prince withdraws to create a (thin) line in front of the Cedars, and trying to anchor the left end.

Don't overlook the advance of the Independent batteries in the center. They will be vital as they are set to clear the flats in front of the Cedars.

Getting Results

the union achieved their objectives. The defenders of the upper right victory hex depart, returning the points to the Union. In the Center, Geary holds, charging home to take the Bedford battery and maintaining hold on the center vp hex!



Here come the rebels! Forno's troopers press Auger and Prince in the center, while Ronald's troops push a weakened Geary off the plateau!


Getting ugly on both sides. Taliaferro BCEs, thanks to Gordon's risky kick of the routed unit in the woods. But Crawford's troops suffer the same results. Prince gets hammered by Forno's guys, but their retreat unmasks the arty, and much of Forno's advance reels back from the arty shots!

Close up: Mixing it Up!

A closer look at what's happening. Note the arty is above the valley, so they shoot over the top. Also see what's happening in the center. Getting tough to hold on here!

Turn 10 - the Rebels roll forward!

Forno returns to push again! Crawford cracks, and so does Prince!

After the Melee

Forno had half his forces rolling backward, but he takes the Cedars. Note too the rebel has re-taken the center hex. Now it is time for the Union to start their withdrawal, before the Light devision can get there! Who's winning? The Union has the points - for now. The end is still in doubt!

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