Drive on Washington - "The Battle of Monocacy Junction"

Great Battles of the American Civil War, Volume 2. (July 9, 1864)

The second volume of single map games, Drive on Washington is the last Confederate offensive in the East. This one is designed by Thomas Hudson, and the game was developed by Eric Lee Smith.

The rules are consistent with the GBACW system, and have fewer special rules. The exception is that although there are not as many rules, they have a considerable impact on play of the game. Drive on Washington is a small very tactical battle with everything slanted against the Rebels. But that doesn't make it any less exciting!

The game is very different than all the others in the TSS/GBACW universe.  It seems more reminiscent of Stonewall than any other game in the system. The Confederates are marching on Washington, but first they have to cross the Monocacy river.

But the few crossing points are hotly defended by handful of Lew Wallace's troops.  While the CSA troops are from storied Divisions and Brigades, these are not the crack troops of the early war; these are hastily assembled regiments or the remaining troops of once dominant brigades, depleted by earlier actions in the war. The Union side is not much better, but they are in strong defensive positions.


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The Battleview

Here is the full view of field, with the units in place. If the CSA could activate all of their troop, the bridges might fall. But it will require Early to visit each position to get them moving, and no one is certain when Early might arrive!

View over the Stone Bridge

Taken on the Union right, looking over the heads of the "Special" Brigade, past the Stone Bridge, and looking at Rodes position beyond the bluffs. At the left in this picture is the battery and cavalry holding Crum's Ford.

View of the Left

The entrenchments, looking to the Junction and on to Ramsuseur's position on the right, and Gordon's troops at the top of the picture.

The Junction

Here is a look at Rickett's troops in their trenches, holding the railroad bridge and the wooden bridge, and Ramseur's troops in the distance.

Crum's Ford

Though it looks quiet now, the cavalry from the special brigade is holding Crum's Ford, the known crossing. There is also a battery at point blank range holding the ford.

The Entrenchments

Here is a close up of Rickett's troops in their trenches, waiting for the first blow to fall.

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