A Gleam of Bayonets

Here's a look at the opening setup of the Battle of Antietam, Lee's first foray into the north. It is the morning of September 17, 1862, and as the morning mist lifts, the two armies engage on a small farm near Sharpsburg, Maryland.


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The Overview

A view of the Gleam of Bayonets two maps at the opening.

Hooker's I Corps

A Closeup of Hooker's I Corps, set to launch themselves over the open field as day breaks.

The View from Jackson's side.

The disposition of Jackson's troops - J.R. Jones' Division, Lawton's Division, Hood's Division. Note also Fitz Lee's Cavalry brigade on the left.


Moments before the attack...

As the charge begins, 0540 AM.

As the USA forces charge forward across the cornfield. The bloodiest single day in American history is about to begin.

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