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The Dr. Robert R. Dunker Leadership Lectures

  • McKinley and the Beginnings of the American Empire
    Wednesday, April 4, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    Cargill Auditorium

  • The McKinley Presidency and Domestic Affairs
    Friday, April 6, Noon to 2 p.m.
    Cargill Auditorium

Upcoming seminars and multi-media classes

1968 - Into the Darkness   
- Mondays at noon, WIT L416, Starting March 26
   (Five weekly sessions)

The Crusades
- Mondays at noon, WIT L416, Starting April 30
(L416 - Noon to 2 PM) 

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"Spectacular Voyage: Following Lewis & Clark in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota",
by Russ Gifford, 2002.
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Training Manuals for SQL / SSRS Reporting / Microsoft Access

Business Applications Developer

Example of Microsoft Access to Create Form-Driven Custom Reports - allows users to input parameters







Using SSRS to Create Custom Reports (and Student Tabs)  within Infinite Campus!





"Sioux City and the Turmoil of 1968"

The upheaval of 1968 caused far-reaching changes in a medium sized Midwestern city of Sioux City, Iowa.

  • From the seizure of the U.S.S. Pueblo to the Tet Offensive, many local lives changed forever. We'll look at the direct link and remember the names.

  • The City's response to the national fear of 'urban unrest' would greatly impact Sioux City. The answer may not be apparent, but you might be surprised!

  • We'll see how the national political turmoil affected Siouxland residents in local schools, government, and businesses.

  • And a local response by workers at a local company would have a far reaching impact on Siouxland.

Join me as we look back on 1968 in Siouxland - part of the Sioux City Museum's History at High Noon series!

  Thursday, July 19th, Noon to 1 pm.
  Sioux City Museum, 4th and Nebraska. 

Past Seminars

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Developer/Producer of Interactive CD-Roms:
(These are multi-media extravaganzas with graphics, audio and video.)

Delivering Interactive WebEx Programs

Learning SPI's GBACW® system
12 sessions

Learning the Advanced Squad Leader® Game system!
14 sessions

Disc 1 - the Basics
Disc 2 - Fire Lanes and SW
Disc 3 - Guns and Tanks!