Top Notch!  - from England





"Like having a friend stop by and show you how to play the game!" - U.S. reviewer.

"I finished going through the GBACW CD this week-end. Man, you did an outstanding job on that. Believe me, this product is worth the purchase price!"

"The package arrived yesterday and it's wonderful!  I haven't gone through all the training modules yet, but enough to let me know that I am really going to enjoy all of it!  The player aids are great - most importantly in content but also with the quality of the lamination.  The Cedar Mountain strategy was informative and really gets me pumped up to play it.  The training modules I have gone through (the first couple) are enjoyable and give just the right amount of info.  I like the side-bar comments you make now and again.

While it may be positioned primarily for newcomers to the system, it's also very enjoyable to myself, a long-time Great Battles of the American Civil War fan.  For me, it's a nice refresher before jumping back into the system, and it provides another perspective to some of the game's concepts.  Plus, it's just great to hear a fellow fan of the system giving his take on things.  All in all, an excellent product!  Thanks for offering this great set!


PS: The quick order processing was most appreciated!"

"Great Service. Excellent product. Well done!"

"Incredible. Just incredible! (But my brother says you have WAY too much time on your hands!)"  - James Lurvey, editor/publisher of GAMELOG.

"Quick delivery, great item. Highly recommended!" -

"Great Product and quick ship too! Thanks!" -

"Great product, and it arrived extremely fast." -

"Excellent product. Well done!" -

"Great item! Very smooth!" -

"Fast shipping. Comprehensive CD!" -

"I was very impressed with the work you did for Stonewall!"

There are just a few of the responses so far. People really like the mixture of pictures, graphics, animation and lectures!

So far I have shipped these discs all over the U.S. and to England, Germany and Italy. Send me your response so I can add it to these!

Thanks for your interest, and the overwhelmingly positive response!

          ---Russ Gifford, 2006.

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