Stonewall - "The Battle of Kernstown"

 Pre Great Battles of the American Civil War. Stonewall vs. Shields, March 23, 1862.

The first attempt to put the excitement of TSS into a single map, single sitting game. Appropriately, the battle features an encounter between Major General Major General T.J. Jackson's Confederate Valley Army and Brigadier General James Sheilds' Division. The game appeared as a free game in Strategy & Tactics issue #67, and quickly proved the TSS system could be shoehorned into a small package.

The game, based on Richard Berg's award-winning original TSS design, was scaled down by the skillful Mark Herman.

As this game preceded the development of the GBACW system, the rules are very much like the original TSS system. I have attempted to put this game into the GBACW universe with a set of rules available here.

Below are some pictures, again thanks to Greg Laubach.

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Turn 2, CSA Move

Ashby is running for the ford across Abrahm's Creek with Broadhead in pursuit. Garnett is going right and Burk is going left on the attack on Sullivan. Fulkerson and the "assault" guns are screening fire from Prithard's Hill.

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