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Connecting Regional History with National History... by Telling the Stories of Individuals


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I am always looking for new places to present my talks.

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Russ Gifford researches and produces classes, talks, articles, and books on America History, both national and regional.

To book a talk, send him a note! His previous talks have covered every era of American History, and his local and regional discussions are crowd pleasers! (Sample work here!)

Reasons to book Russ Gifford as your speaker:

Gifford has spoken to audiences in 10 different states on a variety of topics. Groups enjoy the energy he brings to his subject. Feedback is always positive, and his fee is affordable.

An example from a recent series: "Russ is a consummate storyteller.  He makes history come alive through engaging descriptions, topical quotes, pictures and sound clips."

This is your chance to book a world class speaker!

This summer and fall, Russ is looking for places to speak along the Missouri River region and to tell the stories told by travelers on steamboats, covered wagons, and stagecoaches in the late 1800s. Write to him here Connect with Russ

"My goal is to show that history happens everywhere."

History shows the actions of individuals matter. But consider these actions:

  • The decision to search for a better producing corn hybrid.

  • Or a choice to create a better method of separating cotton seeds from cotton.

  • Or choosing to study wheat yields.

Each of those actions would lead to completely unforeseen national - and international - consequences.

What about these actions?

  • A farmer's decision to write a letter to an international leader in response to newspaper quote.

  • Or a decision to speak out against unfair treatment of women on their pay.

Both had an impact. One was an unexpected flash of national attention and a change in international relations for a moment. The other required the perseverance of half a century to make change happen.

I take listeners on a ride back in time, to see and hear the story of America.

Along the way, we meet the people that made that history. Not just the politicians, but real everyday people.

We may be studying the national impact - but we are hearing local stories. 

I have produced hundreds of classes and articles experienced by thousands of people in the last two decades. Those articles and classes are stories about people, and thus, the story of America.

Will I see you at one of my classes soon? Please say hi if you do!

Thanks for stopping by! Check my schedule of upcoming events. Upcoming talks

 ---Russ Gifford

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Want Russ Gifford to speak at your museum, library, or event? Send him a note  Connect with Russ


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