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Connecting Regional History with National History... by Telling the Stories of Individuals


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I am always looking for new places to present my talks.




Specializing in American History, Russ Gifford ties local and regional history into the program to enrich audience understanding of why things occur.

       "I have had very positive feedback, and it's clear the students are hoping you will present more classes in the fall.
You are a knowledgeable and gifted teacher and we are proud to have you among our instructors."
-- Fiona Valentine, Institute of Lifelong Learning

       “Russell was always ready to go for any class he taught for us.
He is capable of presenting to all levels of people from the novice to expert. …  I would hire him again any day!”
- Lori Vanderheiden, 1Staff

     “His ratings were the highest for our entire season of 12 workshops, and far eclipsed those for the previous season. 
He created a fantastic class, and people left feeling empowered.”
-- Dr. Lynn Barteck, Tri State Graduate Center

      "Russ is outstanding. He uses numerous, flexible learning approaches to accommodate the adult learner.
His students consistently comment on his mastery of material!"
– Dr. Lyn Brodersen, Scott Community College

       "It was wonderful! You really brought it to life. Your presentation was so easy to follow and captivating."  - NE
       "...a consummate storyteller.  He makes history come alive through engaging descriptions,
topical quotes, pictures and sound clips." - ND
       “…so well-received by all... They simply raved about him. 
” - PA
       “…a pleasure working with him”  - RI
       “…a great asset.” - NY
       “He went above and beyond to help all..." - NJ

A map of places I presented in 2010.

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